Published Articles

That Roseanne tweet: drug company’s response goes viral

Quip on Twitter has been retweeted thousands of times.
31 May 2018

Popular supplement withdrawn from sale

The potassium chloride pills contain high lead levels
12 March 2018

Two GPs share more than $100K in sponsorship deals

Big pharma spent $18 million in sponsorship between May and October last year, with specialists reaping the benefits of the industry’s largesse, an analysis shows.
07 March 2018

Pfizer abandons Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s research

Pfizer has announced that it is pulling out of early-stage research into Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease after investing heavily in the area in recent years.
10 January 2018

Industry-sponsored studies prone to bias

Cochrane review provides definitive evidence that results favour sponsor
21 February 2017

Sweeping law change for complementary meds

There will be a new category for evidence-backed products
21 February 2017