Sonic gives in to GP pressure over pharmacy pathology

But Amcal is looking for a new partner
07 July 2017

Pharmacies accused of confusing patients

Their websites are a mix of clinical advice combined with commercial messages
20 June 2017

Sweeping law change for complementary meds

There will be a new category for evidence-backed products
21 February 2017

Pharmacist gives child methadone instead of antibiotics

The parents are reportedly taking legal action
17 February 2017

AMA defends its role in pharmacy trial

The group maintains the pilot would not replace the role of a GP
14 January 2017

Renewed push to integrate pharmacists into primary care

For the idea to work they need access to patients’ electronic health records
09 December 2016

Call to boost GPs dispensing rights

Pharmacies should butt out of their domain, the RACGP says
28 September 2016

Pharmacists claim success over instore vaccinations

They say the program has reached patients who would otherwise be unimmunised
22 September 2016