Published Articles

One in four surgeons yet to sign up to 'critical' breast implant register

But raise your cups to the other 75% who have already joined the national database.
05 February 2019

Snapped: Photo-editing apps are triggering body dysmorphia

Patients want to look like photoshopped versions of themselves, dermatologists say.
22 November 2018

Plastic surgeon disputes 'soft porn' social media claims

Body anxiety issues predate Instagram and Kylie Jenner, she writes in open letter.
26 October 2018

Saggy scrotum? Scrotox to the rescue

As the anti-ageing movement gains momentum and extreme beauty treatments come to the fore, the latest aesthetic concern for men appears to be that of a saggy scrotum.
12 January 2018

Dwindling standards sees botched surgeries rise

Six minimum standards have been recommended to protect day clinic patients
19 October 2017

Why Aussie women look so old

They are ageing up to two decades faster than their sisters elsewhere
11 April 2017

‘G-spot amplification’ now a thing in Brisbane

Cosmetic clinic is offering dermal filler injections into said region
14 February 2017

500kg woman seeks treatment in India

She is believed to be the world’s heaviest person
14 February 2017

Doctor convicted of sexual assault

He grabbed his patient’s buttocks before making an outrageous suggestion
08 February 2017