Published Articles

Doctors warn of heart effects from bee stings

A man attacked by a swarm ended up needing a pacemaker
05 November 2016

Australia to help reduce Myanmar snakebite deaths

An estimated 2000 people die in the country every year because of a lack of appropriate care
17 February 2015

Lychees suspected in mystery illness

More than 100 children in northeastern India have been hospitalised with seizures and neurological symptoms
03 February 2015

Test your knowledge

What are these? Hint: They cause twitching, drooling and urinary incontinence
27 January 2015

BPA 'poses no health risk': EU

It says current exposure levels are too low to cause harm to people of any age
23 January 2015

Record $25m win in soy milk class action

It contained 50 times the recommended daily intake of iodine causing 500 people to suffer thyroid problems
25 November 2014