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The drugs most often linked to poisonings

New data highlights a big public health problem
06 July 2018

Supplements blamed for increasing liver damage

Green tea extract and bodybuilding formulas are major culprits
26 May 2017

Grisly evidence against GP who killed wife

The deception and the betrayal are described as debilitating
01 April 2017

6 signs your hand sanitiser is poisonous

There are increasing rates among young children
07 March 2017

Doctors warn of heart effects from bee stings

A man attacked by a swarm ended up needing a pacemaker
05 November 2016

Toddler’s death attributed to raw milk

The court heard that four other children who drank the product also became ill
29 June 2016

7 key points for treating paracetamol poisoning

A useful summary of the updated guidelines
20 May 2016

Oxycodone deaths on the rise in Australia

Study finds many deaths are the result of patients mixing drugs for pain relief rather than to get high
21 November 2014

Verdict reached in cyanide murder case

Neuroscientist found guilty of poisoning his neurologist wife
10 November 2014

NZ lists 454 medical mistakes

Errors include chemo for healthy person and near miss for dental patient
31 October 2014