Published Articles

Survey highlights unhappiness in primary care

Better to be a practice nurse than a physician, say US doctors
12 January 2015

Business as usual - no change to MBS rules

The government has caved in to demands from doctors and nurse groups that there be no changes to MBS rules.
04 July 2014

How often do you see patients unnecessarily?

Not very often it seems, judging by the response from last week’s poll which posed this same question.
16 June 2014

PAs struggle to find work

A blunt ‘more doctors’ answer is no solution to the current shortage of GPs but instead a new workforce of physician assistants is the best way to fill the gaps, says an Australian academic.
10 June 2014

Readying your practice for a PN

Practice nurses new to the job face a steep learning curve and lack the skills necessary for chronic disease management, researchers say.
17 March 2014