Published Articles

GPs go up a notch in the ethics rankings

They may have come up in the world but they are not number one - find out who is!
03 August 2017

Why nurses are best for type 2 patients

The evidence shows it’s time for a new model of care
09 March 2017

Nurse stands in for GP

While her boss is on holidays she will treat his patients, prescribing medication and ordering tests
27 February 2016

Healthcare is still a man's world

"Female GPs are getting a particularly bum deal by having to endure a 25% gender pay gap. Ouch!"
27 March 2015

Practice nurses vie for chlamydia testing role

But ‘negative GP attitudes’ and pathology restraints are hampering their progress
17 March 2015

SA doctors gagged on public health changes: AMA

Organisation says there has not been enough consultation about transformation plans that could include nurse-led clinics
26 February 2015

AMA picks holes in nurse clinic plan

But NSW Labor says the organisation is merely trying to defend doctors’ turf
16 February 2015

Gastroenterologists push back against nurse endoscopies

Their peak body wants to halt roll-out, but state health department disagrees
30 January 2015

Time to shift care away from GPs: economist

Allied health professionals should perform more medical consultations, says Grattan’s Stephen Duckett
27 January 2015

Aussie male nurses a sickly lot

But they don’t seem to mind being fundamentally unhealthy, report researchers
21 January 2015