Published Articles

The science behind probiotics for preventing mania

A study expands on the link between gut flora and psychiatric disease.
17 July 2018

Why probiotics have no place in daycare

Study challenges the idea that they should be routinely used
07 July 2017

Poo transplants and probiotics

Does anything work to improve the health of our gut?
22 October 2016

Probiotics a good match with antibiotics in kids

They lead to less diarrhoea and have few side effects, Cochrane review finds
13 October 2016

Probiotics show potential for stress relief

Study suggests a capsule a day not only reduces anxiety but might also improve memory
21 October 2015

Study backs probiotics for children

They are particularly effective in treating upper respiratory tract infections and antibiotic-related diarrhoea
22 January 2015

In search of palatable poo

Experts support frozen faeces in capsule form but warn against DIY C. diff treatments
14 October 2014

Probiotics reduce blood pressure: study

Aussie researchers believe reduction is a byproduct of other benefits, such as reduced cholesterol
22 July 2014

Probiotics not the answer to infant colic

Probiotics are no cure for a colicky infant, a large study by a leading Australian paediatrician concludes.
03 April 2014