Published Articles

Meet the new 'Just a GP' podcasters

Dr Ashlea Broomfield and Dr Charlotte Hespe are two of the trio behind the new Aussie podcast.
06 November 2018

Rock, rap or reggae? What's Top of the Pops during surgery?

Dance, reggae and hip-hop are out, while smooth tunes and classical are in
17 August 2018

Quality care: Most patients feel listened to by their GP

Majority of Aussies say they feel respected by their family doctor
16 August 2018

England's top GP resigns over trolling other doctors

Dr Arvind Madan slammed small practices under his pseudonym, 'Devil's Advocate' 
08 August 2018

Docs with ink? Tatts okay by us, say patients

'My 73-year-old patient said she liked my tattoo'
30 July 2018

GP practice partner found guilty of voyeurism

The British doctor maintained his innocence throughout the trial
25 July 2018

GP pleads not guilty to indecent assault

A Sydney GP who allegedly groped and kissed a 25-year-old female patient during a consultation has pleaded not guilty to aggravated indecent assault.
06 April 2018

GP denies knowledge of trust in his name

The first he heard of it was when a policeman came to his door, hearing told
21 April 2017

Kidney Australia reaches out to GPs

Thousands have been randomly selected for a survey aimed at finding diagnosis and treatment gaps
10 November 2014

Uproar as doctors call for drug-rep sin bin

Contact between doctors and drug company reps will no longer be permissible if a new doctors alliance has its way
10 October 2014