Published Articles

YouTube awash with misinformation on prostate cancer

Many videos on the site promote complementary or alternative medicines, while others have a commercial bias.
28 November 2018

Low-risk prostate cancer patients slipping through the cracks

Three-quarters of men with this diagnosis are not being monitored.
25 May 2018

More reasons to discourage digital rectal exams

Study finds very low evidence for use in primary care
14 March 2018

Prostate cancer drug gets thumbs up

Urologists say it’s a game-changer
06 June 2017

When it’s safe to stop PSA monitoring

New evidence shows what's best post-radical prostatectomy
03 May 2017

How penis length changes after prostate surgery

But patients need not worry too much, say urologists
15 February 2017

8 important new facts about cancer

An Australian snapshot shows survival rates dropping in some cases
03 February 2017