Published Articles

Low-risk prostate cancer patients slipping through the cracks

Three-quarters of men with this diagnosis are not being monitored.
25 May 2018

Five things to say to men who ask about PSA tests

Tips for countering recent misinformation in the media
23 February 2018

When it’s safe to stop PSA monitoring

New evidence shows what's best post-radical prostatectomy
03 May 2017

Robotic butt saves trainees’ butt

It helps students to familiarise themselves with rectums and prostate glands
08 July 2016

‘No place for digital rectal exams’ in general practice

But some GPs are not happy about new prostate cancer guidelines
28 January 2016

Push to restrict MBS rebates for PSA testing

The Cancer Council wants alignment with new national consensus guidelines
21 January 2016

8 things you should know about new PSA guidelines

Here’s a sneak preview on what the Cancer Council and others have agreed
16 January 2016

PSA testing comes up trumps

The tests are helping men avoid aggressive interventions thanks early diagnosis
10 December 2015