Published Articles

New advice on which drugs are best for ADHD

International experts examined seven drugs used to treat the disease
08 August 2018

Which antidepressant to use after a heart attack

Expert says this one should be first-line treatment
24 July 2018

The science behind probiotics for preventing mania

A study expands on the link between gut flora and psychiatric disease.
17 July 2018

Prenatal depression delivering hard times

Study finds the problem is on the rise
13 July 2018

Linking autoimmune disease and psychosis

A meta-analysis including 25 million people confirms the association
04 July 2018

Antidepressant users unprepared for withdrawal symptoms

Most say they are not told of the potential risks
05 June 2018

Changing tack on treating depressed youth

Why the conventional approach is not working
29 May 2018

Contradictory medical advice failed teenager, says mum

Parents of the 19-year old blame the health system for her death
22 May 2018