Published Articles

Doctors have a role in warning teens about depression and cannabis

Thousands of cases of adolescent depression could be averted if cannabis use was eliminated, says expert.
14 February 2019

Older patients' gait could point to depression

The slower they walk and the shorter the steps, the more likely they'll develop the disorder: study.
11 February 2019

US doctor banned for recommending 'pot cookies' for four-year-old

The Hollywood physician advised the boy's father to give himĀ marijuana cookies to control temper tantrums.
30 January 2019

Doctors can help stressed students

Youth so anxious they 'can't hand in work, are losing sleep, missing classes', says GP.
25 January 2019

Treating insomnia may ease depression in menopause

Targeted CBT 'can be added to the arsenal' of treatments for menopausal sleeplessness, says researcher.
21 January 2019

1 doctor dies of suicide every day in US

Survey of 15,000 physicians shows primary care doctors have one of the highest burnout rates.
17 January 2019

Depression, anxiety as risky as smoking and obesity: study

Findings suggest greater integration of mental health treatment is needed in primary care.
19 December 2018

10-minute online tool checks cognition in depression

Aussie-developed simple tool can tell if those with major depression have cognitive dysfunction.
13 December 2018

Long-term study finds vitamin D link with schizophrenia

Ensuring pregnant women have enough of the vitamin may prevent cases, researchers say.
07 December 2018

5 key facts about atypical anorexia

Study findings a 'cogent reminder' to monitor weight loss in adolescents at any weight.
04 December 2018