Published Articles

Australia gets a ‘fail’ on mental health report card

Sobering results challenge traditional approaches such as GP support
08 August 2017

What public health can learn from Pokemon Go

Researchers say its public health benefits have been overlooked
29 July 2017

State's flu season set to be worst on record

It is also likely to peak earlier than usual
30 June 2017

Funding Adani is like funding big tobacco, say doctors

The controversial mining proposal has medical leaders up in arms
06 June 2017

China struggles to kick the habit

The actual number of smokers is increasing
02 June 2017

Breast implants scare continues

Surge in cases expected in Australia
16 May 2017

Study confirms MI risk after the flu

Coronary angiography highlights the importance preventive strategies
16 May 2017

Why older drinkers are a worry

Those aged 35-54 are the worst offenders
26 April 2017

5 things patients don't know about cholesterol

Survey finds serious gaps in people's knowledge
11 April 2017

Vaping now legal in NZ

Advocates of the move say Australia is lagging behind
30 March 2017