Published Articles

HPV vaccine needs to scale up urgently, warns WHO

'Unfounded rumours' continue to impede access to the vaccine, says the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
05 February 2019

One doctor's idea: Allow ecstasy to be bought OTC in pharmacies

It won't stop deaths but it will reduce them, the drug reform advocate claims.
30 January 2019

GP slams NT's 'over-the-top' grog shop cops

Answering armed liquor inspector questions outside alcohol outlets is a step too far for this remote doctor.
22 January 2019

WHO facing claims of fraud and racism

Funds earmarked for Ebola crisis spent on employee's girlfriend, anonymous emails claim.
21 January 2019

WHO urged to reconsider gaming disorder

Games industry asks the world body to hold fire on finalising addiction to video games as a medical condition.
11 January 2019

Flu vax prevents 1 in 5 deaths, ICU admissions

Large study confirms protective effect in vaccinated people who go on to contract the virus.
29 November 2018

Why colonoscopists need a triple-A rating

Doctors call for colonoscopy providers to be rated on their price, accuracy and availability.
16 November 2018

8 key facts about Aussies cutting back on booze

Hint: baby boomers are not leading the way.
29 October 2018

Is aspirin worth it in the under-70s?

Twice as many CVD events averted as bleeds in five years, say researchers.
25 October 2018

Tobacco giant accused of 'hypocrisy' over quit smoking campaign

Part of Philip Morris's campaign is a Mission Impossible-style video - watch it here
23 October 2018