Published Articles

Inquest reveals doctors' festering feud

Poor relations between two interventional neuroradiologists left hospital short-staffed.
10 December 2018

Mythbuster: No need to avoid creams before radiotherapy

Researchers say their findings should change clinical practice.
06 November 2018

This approach reduces anxiety for breast biopsy patients

Researchers hope it will address the distress from the procedure that can lead to cancellations.
29 October 2018

What's the best way to treat peripheral arterial disease?

Most patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) are better off undergoing interventional radiology than bypass surgery, Australian experts say.
19 October 2017

Prostate cancer treatment time halved

The new regime has the same cure rates with no increase in side effects
29 March 2017

6 imaging recommendations for GPs

A handy list of ‘do not dos’ in clinical practice
25 October 2016

Doctor sued for misdiagnosis

He’s been accused of prescribing mifepristone for an ectopic pregnancy
14 July 2016

Radiologists silenced by government deal

They have dumped a plan to protest over cuts to bulk-billing incentives
07 June 2016

Radiologist fined $600,000 in negligence case

The court found he failed to report an ‘incidental finding’ of kidney cancer
28 April 2016

First 23 'obsolete' MBS items revealed

Find out which ones are no longer part of clinical practice as you know it
06 January 2016