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8 steps to the medical transfer of refugees

Under the proposed legislation, a panel of doctors will review certain cases rejected by the home affairs minister.
13 February 2019

Dutton rejects Gannon's offer to lead Manus delegation

This is despite warnings from humanitarian groups of ‘terrible suffering’
30 November 2017

Government flip-flops over refugee whistleblowers

Doctors no longer face jail when speaking out over Nauru or Manus
21 October 2016

AMA ups the ante on asylum-seeker treatment

More than 2,000 leaked incident reports from Nauru have sparked further outrage
11 August 2016

Refugee doctors launch high court challenge

They say doctors should have the right to speak out about detention centres
28 July 2016

Europe warned against Aussie-style immigration

Our hardline policies are tantamount to torture, say medical ethicists
29 June 2016

Will Gannon rock the boat?

The AMA’s new president is reluctant to tackle the government on asylum seeker policy
31 May 2016

‘Every move you make …’

Police surveillance of doctors may be more widespread than first thought, says refugee advocate
27 May 2016