Published Articles

Racism blights doctors' careers, shows UK health service survey

Royal College of Physicians says it is investigating the issue 'as a matter of urgency'.
07 November 2018

Doctor sorry for saying female medics 'don't work as hard'

Texan Dr Gary Tigges made the gender pay gap gaff in the Dallas Medical Journal
04 September 2018

Specialist sector growth outstrips GPs

And those sitting solely in private practice are the happiest of all
14 June 2018

Doctors' booking fee rip-off exposed

One topped $6000, according to the Four Corners report
28 May 2018

10 reasons women doctors should be paid more

Patients tend to see them for more complex issues
25 May 2018

Two GPs share more than $100K in sponsorship deals

Big pharma spent $18 million in sponsorship between May and October last year, with specialists reaping the benefits of the industry’s largesse, an analysis shows.
07 March 2018

House and car packages fail to cut the mustard

Rural life for GPs remains unattractive despite government incentives
11 October 2017

Pay cut threat to home visits

Doctors say $45 per hour is ‘insulting’
27 July 2017

Why fee-for-service should be abolished

Behavioural economists outline the case for salaried doctors
12 May 2017

GPs say ‘show me the money’

Luring doctors to areas of need is easy if you have lots of cash, say health authorities
27 October 2014