Published Articles

Kidney function worsens as obesity rises

Even in those without kidney disease, excess weight impacts the organ, a study shows.
31 January 2019

Aortic stenosis linked to chronic kidney disease

Researchers suggest doctors monitor CVD risk factors in these patients.
23 January 2019

Familial hypercholesterolemia raises risk of two other diseases

Doctors should scrren for PAD and CKD, researchers say
16 August 2018

A novel way treat kidney stones

Jump on a roller coaster and go for a heart-stopping ride
28 September 2016

DASH diet works for gout too

It’s apparently as good as allopurinol for lowering uric acid levels
18 August 2016

PPI use a risk for chronic kidney disease

The 14-year study found that the risk is 50% higher in those who use the drug compared to non-users
16 January 2016

Undiagnosed diabetes and kidney disease rife

AIHW report shows more than a quarter of the population have cardiovascular disease, diabetes or chronic kidney disease
25 November 2014

Kidney Australia reaches out to GPs

Thousands have been randomly selected for a survey aimed at finding diagnosis and treatment gaps
10 November 2014