Published Articles

Managing sexual health issues: test your knowledge

What the latest guidelines say
30 November 2016

A healthy sex life cuts risk of prostate cancer

Study provides the strongest evidence to date of the beneficial role of ejaculation
23 November 2016

Abortion clinic legal bid to stop pro-life protesters

Lawyers say the case is about ensuring patients and staff can safely access the clinic without being harassed and intimidated
04 June 2015

US scientists study gay brothers

They claim several genes might affect sexual orientation, but commentators say their data is weak
18 November 2014

Why pregnancy and some AEDs don’t mix

Cochrane review confirms prenatal exposure to certain antiepilepsy drugs is risky
31 October 2014

Push for fertility preservation

Lancet article says egg and ovarian tissue freezing is viable for women wishing to delay menopause
03 October 2014

Endometriosis: why the delay in diagnosis?

Women say their symptoms are not being taken seriously enough
19 September 2014

CAM use high among menopausal women

But patients are still using conventional medicine
15 September 2014

Sexual orientation predicts orgasm rate

Lesbian women have more orgasms than heterosexual or bisexual women, but not as many as men
26 August 2014