Published Articles

Antibiotics are no help in severe asthma: study

But they are associated with a longer hospital stay, higher costs and increased risk of diarrhoea.
29 January 2019

5 types of insomnia identified

Researchers uncover different types of insomnia, which will help make treatments more targeted.
25 January 2019

How vital is sleep for arterial health?

Doctors can help by recommending good sleep hygiene, authors say.
15 January 2019

Daily aspirin may curb COPD flares

Aspirin users have fewer flare-ups, better quality of life and less shortness of breath, study shows.
10 January 2019

History: When asthma patients were told to just keep calm and have a cigarette

Smoking was thought to 'warm up' the lungs.
05 December 2018

Weight linked to 25% of asthma in overweight kids

If no children were overweight or obese 10% of asthma cases would be avoided, estimate researchers.
27 November 2018

Study shows pros and cons of triple therapy in COPD

The combination cuts exacerbations but is associated with an increased risk of pneumonia.
23 November 2018

History: How shyness prompted a doctor to invent this indispensable medical instrument

Faced with a woman's chest, Dr Rene Laennec knew what he had to do.
21 November 2018

Doctors' last-ditch drug choice saves patient with status asthmaticus

The patient had already been given prednisone for eight days.
20 November 2018

One dog good, two dogs better for asthma

Kids from families with pairs of puppies have even lower risk.
19 November 2018