Published Articles

Doctor and nurse praised for accident help

But the pair say they did what 'any other person with our training would have done'.
11 December 2018

Medicos step into the Victorian election

The doctors say residents can send a 'powerful message' to politicians over rural health funding.
20 November 2018

Thongs shipped north to help patients board flights

Footwear drive welcomed as a simple way to ensure people can access health appointments.
15 October 2018

Girl's plea: Can you please come to Kimba and be our GP?

An eight-year-old girl has written an open letter to all doctors of Australia begging them to practise in the remote SA town of Kimba.
21 August 2018

Want to entice a GP to your town? Serenade them

Queen-inspired 'We want a GP' song attempts to boost recruitment.
04 May 2018

House and car packages fail to cut the mustard

Rural life for GPs remains unattractive despite government incentives
11 October 2017

Novel system makes psychiatry referrals easier

It solves communication and billing problems
22 June 2017

Rural GP breaks under the strain

Case highlights the hazards of high workloads
14 June 2017

AMA calls for scrapping of medical scholarship tax

The organisation says the proposal would disrupt rural health workforce
08 March 2017