Published Articles

DIY mammograms turn out to be less painful

Women compressed their own breasts a little bit more than radiologists did, researchers say.
08 February 2019

Dogs may be the key to detecting lung cancer early

Painkillers linked to bad sex life and lack of desire
26 July 2018

8 tips for thyroid function testing

Opportunistic screening is not recommeded
20 July 2018

Scientists hail first melanoma blood test

But some experts are not ready to celebrate yet
17 July 2018

Blood tests make birth dates more predictable

Women could soon know how far along they are in pregnancy and their risk of premature delivery by having simple blood tests
14 June 2018

Should all adults be screened for unhealthy drinking?

New US draft guidelines are recommending just that
08 June 2018

Is this enough to change preeclampsia screening guidelines?

Researchers say their test is a better way to identify women who need prophylactic aspirin
16 March 2018