Published Articles

British boys to miss out on HPV vax

They are already protected by the herd effect, according to a new ruling
22 July 2017

How common is erectile dysfunction in diabetes?

A meta-analysis has been used to assess the prevalence of the problem
21 July 2017

1 in 5 Irish female doctors sexually harassed

Gender-based bullying is also rife, reflecting the Australian experience
05 June 2017

GP pleads not guilty to molesting patients

He is charged with using midazolam to sedate them
01 June 2017

Prostate cancer treatments: comparing the side effects

New findings may help doctors and patients to choose the best option
24 March 2017

Botched vaginal surgery mutilates penis

The surgical mesh had been fitted too low and turned razor-sharp
23 March 2017

Bottom line: sex has great health benefits

It’s good for the cardiovascular system and mental health
03 March 2017

Oral contraceptives may reduce libido

Desire, arousal and pleasure appeared to be affected
20 August 2016

US panel votes in favour of female libido booster

But drug aimed at pre-menopausal women has significant side effects including nausea and dizziness
06 June 2015