Published Articles

New STI test may help doctors tailor treatment

This Aussie-developed test for patients with gonorrhoea aims to stop antibiotic resistance.
08 February 2019

4 reasons it's hard for GPs to talk about sexual health with older patients

Many feel their patients 'either did not have sex or were not interested in addressing it', say researchers.
15 November 2018

1 in 10 worried about sexual impulses

Doctors 'should be alert to high number' of people distressed about their sexual urges.
12 November 2018

Pangender or demigirl? Oz study identifies 30 gender options

Females, especially taller ones, more likely to opt for a non-binary identity.
12 October 2018

HIV in Australia: 5 facts

'Concerning' rise among heterosexuals, according to the Kirby report.
21 September 2018

Tighty-whities are out, and boxers are in

Undies choice can boost sperm count by 17%, study shows
09 August 2018

One-off: Condoms are single use only, advises US health agency

Apparently people have been washing and reusing them
02 August 2018

Yes, men get post-coital blues too

One in five men are afflicted with an inexplicable sadness after sex
30 July 2018

Skip opioids for a better sex life

Those who take the drugs long term for chronic non-cancer pain report lack of desire
26 July 2018

What you need to know about Mycoplasma genitalium

It's mostly asymptomatic in women
12 July 2018