Published Articles

Why using CPAP means better sex for women

Why it works for women but not men remains a mystery.
25 May 2018

7 keys to managing chronic insomnia

How to assess and manage patients with a sleep disturbance
23 November 2016

Poor sleep linked to atrial fibrillation

The risk is clear even without sleep apnoea, an analysis shows
19 November 2016

CPAP not ideal for everyone

Why obstructive sleep apnoea without obesity is challenging to treat
28 September 2016

Why some people need less sleep

It may have something to do with their advanced brain connections
23 September 2016

Sydney GP struck off for ‘reckless’ misconduct

He had a habit of prescribing opioids and benzos to drug-addicted patients
23 September 2016

High fat equals low sleep

Fatty diets lead to excessive daytime sleepiness regardless of BMI
21 April 2016

Diabetes risk for women who don’t sleep well

The increased risk ranges from 47% for one sleep disorder to more than four times that for a combination of sleeping problems, say researchers
03 February 2016

More bad news for sleep apnoea sufferers

It increases the risk of gout, a UK study shows
22 October 2015

A new paradigm for treating atrial fibrillation

Research shows that aggressively managing a patient’s risk factors can lead to a cure
20 August 2015