Published Articles

Doctors urged to be kind – to each other

'Why are doctors so unkind to each other? What has happened to collegiality?' Australian clinicians ask 
15 January 2019

Cataract surgery: why older doctors are still smooth operators

Being in a later career stage isn't associated with an increased risk of complications, study finds.
25 October 2018

Specialist sector growth outstrips GPs

And those sitting solely in private practice are the happiest of all
14 June 2018

Reining in excessive specialist fees

It’s time patients are told who charges what, say health policy experts
06 March 2017

Pay inequality in medicine: the conundrum continues

We still don’t know why men get paid more, say researchers
17 August 2016

Call for patients to self-refer to specialists

This would free up GPs’ time and save the average practice around $1800 per week
25 June 2016

Call to boost allied health referrals to specialists

The proposal would see GPs bypassed in the process
07 May 2016