Published Articles

Spectators risking life and limb for love of the game

In a first of its kind, this study looked into injuries that fans sustain.
12 December 2018

Mythbuster: Are women as tough as men?

Findings dispel earlier reports that women's bodies are more affected by extreme physical activity.
19 November 2018

Nitroglycerin patches help tendon pain

Cut the dose if they cause headaches, doctor suggests.
15 November 2018

Aussie doctors appeal defining cricket as a 'low dynamic' sport

It's a sticky wicket classifying cricket in the same bracket as yoga and golf, say Aussie cardiologists.
26 October 2018

Above par: why patients really should tee off

More people should be encouraged to play golf because of its cardiac heart benefits.
24 September 2018

Patients warned to think twice about consuming these supplements

Products contain 'wildly inaccurate' levels of banned ingredient that can affect heart 
10 September 2018

Common shoulder operation lacks evidence

One of the most frequently performed orthopaedic procedures may be unnecessary for many patients
02 August 2018

ACL injuries soar in under-25s

Reconstruction rates in Australia are now the highest in the world
20 April 2018

Rugger’s a bugger for arthritis

A rugby career can lead to osteoarthritis, joint replacement and osteoporosis, a study of union players in the UK has found.
29 September 2017