Published Articles

New gonorrhea strain makes debut in Australia

A8806 has been detected in a European tourist, but its prevalence is unclear
05 November 2014

Swingers fall through the cracks

Their complicated sexual network means they need tailored STI control and drug use interventions
24 October 2014

Big girls beware the Brazilian

Talking about the complications associated with pubic hair removal
15 September 2014

STI screening goes online

GPs’ STI screening role could soon be redundant if an online program is a success
30 July 2014

HPV vax needs boosting in the bush

HPV vaccination rates among 12 to 13 year-olds are spread evenly across socioeconomic groups however, they could be better in rural Australia, experts say.
25 June 2014

Meeting the needs of bisexual men

Bisexual men are more vulnerable to STIs than their heterosexual or gay counterparts but they are not having their health needs met, a new study finds.
24 June 2014

Pubic lice: an endangered species?

Prolific pubic hair is on the way out, and so too it seems is the extremely irritating Phthirus pubis.
22 May 2014

Playing it safe online

Adolescents are not the only ones to be spurning the safe sex message, as baby boomers hit the online dating scene with gusto but minus the obligatory condom.
12 March 2014