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10 symptoms of heart failure in athletes

Any one of these should alert doctors to a potential problem
21 January 2017

‘Good’ cholesterol not so good: study

High levels may lead to premature death, researchers say
17 August 2016

Genetic testing sheds light on sudden death mystery

Australian researchers are working to pinpoint the underlying causes of sudden cardiac death in young people
23 June 2016

Seafood vs nuts – which is the biggest killer?

But, either way, food is not the main cause of anaphylaxis death in Australia
11 May 2016

Sudden cardiac arrest not so sudden

The symptoms often start weeks in advance, which should be a ‘wake-up call’ for patients and doctors
06 January 2016

Epilepsy commonly missed as cause of death

It is the unacknowledged cause of many drownings, road accidents, aspiration pneumonia cases and falls
06 January 2016