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Two medical students have died in past few weeks, says AMSA leader

Concern that many still don't speak out about stress and bullying
09 November 2017

10 fundamentals for dealing with suicidality

GPs are well placed to help reduce the rate of suicide simply because they are the most frequent providers of mental health care — and often the patient’s first port of call.
25 October 2017

Suicide risk assessments don’t work

No one should be dismissed as low risk, say experts
17 October 2017

Monitoring suicide risk after drug and alcohol injuries

It’s time to change the way we treat the young, say experts
27 May 2017

Rating scales no good for predicting suicide

Doctors are being advised to use their own judgement instead
04 April 2017

Self-harm incidence on the rise

An expert explains how GPs can help their young patients
09 March 2017

AHPRA implicated in suicide case

A nurse took her own life after 'degrading and subhuman' treatment
03 March 2017

Man’s death blamed on Champix

His mother claims he was fine before he started taking the smoking cessation drug
22 November 2016

The bad news for women in medicine

Surprise findings on female suicide rates
19 September 2016