Published Articles

Time for a radical rethink on surgical training?

Medical trainees pick up better skills when surgery is taught as a 'hobby', shows study.
12 February 2019

'Work hardening' is failing registrars and patients, says AMA

A surgical registrar’s public denouncement of her training has sparked renewed debate on safe working hours.
06 February 2019

Should surgeons routinely video their ops?

Filming laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery aids accurate reporting: study.
30 January 2019

Rude surgeon suspended over comments

UK surgeon who asked nurses about sex lives must 'show insight' before suspension is lifted.
17 January 2019

Which are the most sexist surgical specialties?

Female surgeons in the UK report ‘boys club’ barriers and discrimination in surgical careers.
08 January 2019

Do surgeons really go for showy cars: survey

What doctors spend on them is the most surprising finding.
07 December 2018

CABG versus PCI - which is best for diabetes patients?

Long-term follow-up shows CABG can extend the life of younger patients for a number of years, say researchers.
28 November 2018

Ever wondered who makes your sterile gloves?

New report says modern-day slavery is common in surgical equipment factories.
09 November 2018

Surgeon blames phones for students' lack of hand skills

Scrolling on smartphones is messing with med students' manual aptitude, warns surgical professor.
02 November 2018

One amputation every two hours: wake-up call for diabetic foot disease

Mortality rate worse than many cancers, researchers say.
28 September 2018