Published Articles

Prescription approvals to move online

Around 6.8 million requests were made over the phone last financial year
25 November 2016

Health care homes model set up to fail

Proposed funding falls drastically short, says the RACGP
08 November 2016

Pharmacists to give diabetes health checks

But it is unclear what this will involve and how they will be integrated into GP care
02 August 2016

Health minister pushed to address climate change

Federal policymakers have failed recognise the health threat or offer effective policy solutions
22 July 2016

7 ‘obsolete’ procedures being delisted from MBS

They are being removed because they are out of date and no longer represented best practice, she says.
07 May 2016

Doctors to prepare for new pay structure

MBS items likely to be 'cashed out' and handed to GP practices
05 April 2016

What you need to know about ‘Healthier Medicare’

It promises a trial of ‘healthcare homes’ in 200 general practices
01 April 2016

8 facts on government health spending

This is how Australia spent its health dollars in 2013/14
11 December 2015

Owler outraged over handling of MBS review

He says the prime minister has lost the support of the medical profession
29 September 2015

Ley looks beyond the fee-for-service model

The Federal Health Minister says doctors should be paid for 'quality of care, not just quantity'
25 September 2015