Published Articles

History: How shyness prompted a doctor to invent this indispensable medical instrument

Faced with a woman's chest, Dr Rene Laennec knew what he had to do.
21 November 2018

Lost in translation: doctors cautioned against Google Translate

Online interpreting is a risky business, defence unions say.
01 November 2018

History: Imagine calling for an ambulance and this trotting up

Back when horsepower really meant it.
17 October 2018

History: Back when car batteries were used to jump-start hearts

Glorified grease monkeys looked at the human heart like a car engine.
10 October 2018

Cheap and cheerful: those medication compliance apps have some value

Basic versions are just as good as the advanced ones
27 August 2018

New app allows patients to manage their scripts

Patients will soon be able to access prescriptions from their smartphones though a new app developed by a Sydney start-up.
12 July 2018

A novel way to predict epileptic seizures

The non-surgical device is designed for treatment-resistant patients.
30 May 2018

Would you offer patients a consultation recording?

Health policy experts say this may soon be the norm
18 May 2018