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Why men with less testosterone may be blessed

Study finds high levels of the hormone could make them less godly.
01 June 2018

Paracetamol in utero makes males less 'manly'

Findings support calls to limit exposure to the drug in pregnancy
23 June 2017

Why men are never wrong

Scientists discover the reason behind this phenomenon
02 May 2017

Testosterone advertising success story

Depending on which way you look at it ...
05 April 2017

Testosterone scripts plummet

There has been a 50% reduction since the PBS clampdown last year
06 September 2016

7 pointers for testosterone prescribing

Here are the key points from the new prescribing guidance
16 August 2016

GP ticked off for dodgy testosterone prescribing

He says it was to help a man overcome feelings of physical inadequacy
30 July 2016

No increase in prostate cancer with testosterone therapy

Doctors should not worry about prescribing it to appropriate patients
10 May 2016

Testosterone prescribing strategy vindicated

New research suggests it provides little or not substantial benefit in older men
22 February 2016

PBS clampdown sparks testosterone review

Treating lifestyle factors is better than prescribing testosterone, says leading endocrinologist
21 April 2015