Published Articles

Tobacco giant accused of 'hypocrisy' over quit smoking campaign

Part of Philip Morris's campaign is a Mission Impossible-style video - watch it here
23 October 2018

9 conditions most patients don't associate with smoking

Those who have never smoked are more aware
13 August 2018

China struggles to kick the habit

The actual number of smokers is increasing
02 June 2017

Vaping now legal in NZ

Advocates of the move say Australia is lagging behind
30 March 2017

TGA wrong to ban e-cigarettes, say experts

Health experts band together to lobby for a change of mind
23 February 2017

Why ibuprofen can be a smoker’s best friend

Researchers say it’s better than aspirin and acetaminophen
14 December 2016

E-cigarettes a major public health concern

Vaping rates among adolescents have skyrocketed
13 December 2016

Man’s death blamed on Champix

His mother claims he was fine before he started taking the smoking cessation drug
22 November 2016

Cochrane review backs nicotine replacement therapy

But there is a lack of evidence to support the use of e-cigarettes
09 November 2016

Reformed smokers shun the booze

Contrary to popular opinion, they don’t turn to drink to compensate
22 July 2016