Published Articles

E-cigarette ban to stay

TGA’s decision splits addiction experts
03 February 2017

Man’s death blamed on Champix

His mother claims he was fine before he started taking the smoking cessation drug
22 November 2016

Big tobacco friend named ‘UK Australian of the Year’

This is a man that has lobbied against measures such as plain packaging
26 January 2016

Beijing bans indoor smoking

But many say the new law will be difficult to implement because of limited official oversight and widespread corruption
03 June 2015

Big tobacco: still winning friends and influencing people

“It must have been rubbing its nicotine-stained hands with glee, despite not getting its way in the end”
21 May 2015

Plain tobacco packs get go-ahead in UK

Britain will follow Ireland which earlier this month became the first country in Europe to ban brands
17 March 2015

Ireland passes tobacco plain packaging law

Following in Australia's footsteps, all forms of branding will be banned and packaging will come with graphic health warnings
27 February 2015