Published Articles

Aussie doctors raise alarm over use of unethical research

Macquarie University researchers say papers in English-language journals have used research on organs from executed Chinese prisoners.
06 February 2019

The science behind made-in-the-lab lungs

There was no infection or rejected when tested on four pigs
06 August 2018

First double hand transplant deemed a success

The child can use his hands to touch and feel
20 July 2017

New penis gets thumbs up

The transplant recipient is able to urinate but sexual function is still months away
03 June 2016

US uterus transplant fails

The organ has been removed because of an unspecified complication
12 March 2016

Surgeons prepare for 60 penis transplants

Wounded troops with genitourinary injuries can now look forward to regaining their manhood, they say
11 December 2015

Skin graft magic

This patient was working on his car when the fender fell and crushed his hand
28 November 2015

Child born with grandmother’s uterus

‘It’s one uterus bridging three generations of a family’, says the transplant specialist
02 September 2015