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7 tips for managing in-flight medical emergencies

Hearing, "Is there a doctor on board?" at 36,000 feet can be anxiety provoking for any healthcare professional and may trigger a dilemma of whether to respond or wait to see if anyone else will offer their expertise.
01 March 2018

How Siena Cathedral led to a ground-breaking vaccine technique

Dr Rino Rappuoli, winner of the European Inventor Award 2017, discusses his inspiration. 
18 September 2017

Vaccination falloff sparks measles epidemic

Italy has experienced a sixfold increase in cases with only 85% of two-year-olds immunised
21 April 2017

Doctor dragged off plane had criminal record

His unflattering history has now become the focus of attention
12 April 2017

Doctors missing dengue

Despite obvious warning signs of severe disease in returned travellers
10 April 2017

What's your diagnosis?

The patient presents with five days of fever, cough, rhinorrhoea
03 March 2017

9 tips for patients travelling to South America

They should always wear sunscreen first followed by DEET, not the other way a
09 August 2016

Yellow fever hits epidemic proportions

Health authorities say it’s proving difficult to control
29 July 2016