Published Articles

Prostate cancer therapy linked to heart failure

Risk of heart failure was 72% higher in those treated with ADT compared with those who weren't.
10 December 2018

This new tool helps prostate cancer patients decide on treatment

The online program can tell them what other men have opted to do.
21 November 2018

Now men can get a testes exam without all that awkward eye contact

Kiwis invent world's first 'auto ball-checker' for the shy male patient.
16 November 2018

3 side effects men with prostate cancer fear the most

However, survival was their top priority, study shows.
06 November 2018

Drug-resistant UTIs need longer follow-up

Patients with resistant Enterobacteriaceae seven times more likely to require a second antibiotic.
31 October 2018

Does drinking more water actually help with UTIs?

Hydration status strongly linked to recurrent UTI risk in new study.
02 October 2018

Doctors make a 'surprising' finding in boy's urethra

But they're still not sure how the pen lid got there, describing the case as a 'rare medical event'.
25 September 2018

Excess kilos may lead to incontinence

Younger women with obesity are twice as likely to have urinary troubles.
21 September 2018

Antipsychotics for Alzheimer's don't boost need for BPH meds

But GPs should still ask older men on antipsychotics about urinary problems 
29 August 2018

Joke with blokes: how to ask male patients about urinary symptoms

'Are you the one holding up the urinal queue at the footy?'
15 August 2018