Published Articles

How a poliovirus vaccine is being used to treat brain cancer

US doctors say 21% of glioblastoma patients who received the vaccine were alive after three years
28 June 2018

Concern over declining pneumococcal vax rates

Experts want GPs to be looking opportunistically to vaccinate those at risk
14 May 2018

New shingles vax deemed better than current

Company-sponsored trial shows promising results
30 April 2018

New MenB vax ready to roll

Called Trumenba, it joins its rival Bexsero to provide short-term protection.
13 April 2018

Anti-vax GP appeals against suspension

But he has not changed his stance on immunisation
10 April 2018

Why mumps has made a comeback

Scientists say a third dose of vaccine may be needed
27 March 2018

Call for mandatory flu vaccinations for clinicians

Immunologists want to see it as a condition of employment
15 March 2018