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How to help leg ulcers heal

Combination of heel raises, aerobic activity and compression bandages works best.
03 October 2018

Familial hypercholesterolemia raises risk of two other diseases

Doctors should scrren for PAD and CKD, researchers say
16 August 2018

Name this condition

Hint: It’s a relatively common skin growth
17 January 2017

Spot diagnosis

Varicose veins, spider veins. No symptoms. What to do?
03 July 2015

Spot diagnosis

What is causing this change in skin colour?
18 March 2015

More on NSAIDs’ dark side

Now this common class of drugs is linked with venous thromboembolism
29 September 2014

Name this condition

In your opinion, is this a case of caput medusa or IVCO?
19 August 2014

Healthy ageing: What has sex got to do it?

Regular sex is beneficial for good health in middle-aged and older men with the more sex the better, an Australian study finds.
11 February 2014

Clot-busting drug shows hope

After eight years in the making, a new clot-busting drug is showing real promise as a safer and more effective alternative for treating heart attack and stroke.
11 February 2014

SBP variability predicts poor outcomes in elderly

Variability in systolic BP is a major risk factor for adverse cardiovascular events in the elderly and should be targeted to reduce risk, Melbourne research suggests.
07 February 2014