Published Articles

Evidence supports vitamin D to prevent rheumatoid arthritis

Maintaining sufficient vitamin D may help to prevent the onset of inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, a study confirms.
23 November 2017

The missing MS link

13 September 2017

Vitamin D deficiency: challenging the status quo

New evidence may finally settle the controversy
16 August 2017

Vit D for the elderly: how to get the dose right

A review of the evidence suggests a change to current recommendations
30 May 2017

New turn in cancer and vitamin D debate

Large trial determines the likelihood of its efficacy
31 March 2017

Vit D not such a happy drug after all

Study contradicts previous findings on its impact on mental health
18 February 2017

Autism linked to low vit D during pregnancy

The answer may be as simple as supplementation
15 December 2016

Is this the final word on vit D?

Ongoing trial results are unlikely to alter the latest conclusions, say scientists
25 November 2016