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So, there’s only one contraindication for warfarin!

Glaring issues with site used by doctors and pharmacists
05 April 2017

New anticoagulants ‘widely misunderstood’

GPs have been lulled into a false sense of security
25 February 2017

9 tips for prescribing the right anticoagulant

Consider patient adherence, kidney and liver function and potential drug interactions
08 December 2016

Clinic blood pressure can mask hypertension

Researchers are describing this as the reverse of white coat hypertension
07 December 2016

Warfarin stability short-lived

Stable INR values in the formative years are no indicator of long-term health
10 August 2016

NOACs vs warfarin: which is better for atrial fibrillation?

Researchers assess safety and performance in study involving 60,000 patients followed for two years
22 June 2016