Published Articles

Doctors referring patients for clitoridectomy, claims Russian clinic

A private clinic in Russia has come under fire for advertising female circumcision.
28 November 2018

WHO issues new advice on antibiotics

The aim is to ensure the right drugs are prescribed for the right infections
08 June 2017

Vaccination falloff sparks measles epidemic

Italy has experienced a sixfold increase in cases with only 85% of two-year-olds immunised
21 April 2017

Ancient diseases on the decline

The WHO's program to eliminate them has been extremely successful
20 April 2017

WHO’s dirty dozen

The organisation names 12 bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health
01 March 2017

Global life expectancy increases by five years

Australia is doing better than New Zealand, the UK and the US but is lagging behind Japan
25 May 2016

International booze guidelines bamboozle

The WHO defines a standard drink as 10g of alcohol but only half the countries agree
14 April 2016