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What to know about the latest HRT thinking

Hormone replacement is now considered a primary therapy for preventing fracture
02 August 2017

The ugly truth about attractiveness

Having a good-looking husband has negative consequences for the wife
17 July 2017

GPs shy away from women's CVD risk

It appears they don't like broaching the subject of body weight
27 June 2017

America has new guidelines on HRT

… when the benefits outweigh the risks
23 June 2017

Why alcohol and menopausal women don’t mix

Yet another study confirms that drinking is indeed a risky business
09 June 2017

Quiz: What’s causing her pain?

Woman presents with amenorrhoea, abdominal pain, and abnormal bleeding
26 May 2017

Breast implants scare continues

Surge in cases expected in Australia
16 May 2017

Common drug linked to depression

Women with overactive bladder need to be cautious
06 April 2017

10 dos and don’ts for prenatal exercise

A handy summary of current evidence-based guidelines
27 March 2017

Botched vaginal surgery mutilates penis

The surgical mesh had been fitted too low and turned razor-sharp
23 March 2017