Published Articles

Natural approach not always best with miscarriage

Study suggests medical management is as effective as surgical options.
19 February 2019

Why regularly weighing pregnant patients is important

Asking mums-to-be to step on the scales delivers weight-related positives.
15 February 2019

Cosmetics chemical doesn't cause breast cancer in older women: study

But researchers say a question mark hangs over the role of the plastics in earlier life.
14 February 2019

DIY mammograms turn out to be less painful

Women compressed their own breasts a little bit more than radiologists did, researchers say.
08 February 2019

One in four surgeons yet to sign up to 'critical' breast implant register

But raise your cups to the other 75% who have already joined the national database.
05 February 2019

4 signs of pregnancy-related anxiety

New screening tool aims to identify women also at risk of postnatal anxiety and depression.
29 January 2019

BP meds not tied to falls in older women

But patients need to be monitored when antihypertensives are added or changed, researcher says.
22 January 2019

Treating insomnia may ease depression in menopause

Targeted CBT 'can be added to the arsenal' of treatments for menopausal sleeplessness, says researcher.
21 January 2019

History: In search of the wandering womb

Where the wild wombs are: the ancient Greeks called it 'an animal within an animal'.
16 January 2019

Doctors warn against do-it-yourself removal of IUDs

'My husband removed mine', claims a member of a Facebook group on the devices.
14 January 2019