Published Articles

Which specialists are stepping to the fore on the green?

Hint: it’s not GPs who take up clubs in the biggest numbers.
11 December 2018

How Freddie Mercury helped entice a GP to this country town

Recruitment video of practice staff singing 'We want a GP' to Queen's 'I want to break free' proved a hit.
06 November 2018

Irish doctors prefer Oz? To be sure, to be sure

 They say they’re not going back to their broken health system.
27 September 2018

Under the knife: female surgeons battle pregnancy stigma

Discrimination and lack of maternity leave may drive women from surgical careers.
12 September 2018

Doctor sorry for saying female medics 'don't work as hard'

Texan Dr Gary Tigges made the gender pay gap gaff in the Dallas Medical Journal
04 September 2018

Dreaming of warm beer? Aussie GPs to be fast-tracked to work in UK

NHS England expands overseas recruitment drive to address GP shortages
30 August 2018

Girl's plea: Can you please come to Kimba and be our GP?

An eight-year-old girl has written an open letter to all doctors of Australia begging them to practise in the remote SA town of Kimba.
21 August 2018

Who’s responsible for addressing burnout?

It's time for senior doctors to come to the aid of their younger colleagues
15 June 2018

Specialist sector growth outstrips GPs

And those sitting solely in private practice are the happiest of all
14 June 2018

Should we bring back the white coat?

Study finds what doctors wear matters to patients
07 June 2018