Published Articles

Scribes help doctors see more patients

Results are in: they boost productivity, and save money and patient time, study shows.
29 January 2019

Testing times: Why GPs in the UK order three times as many tests as they used to

Extra testing has also increased GP workload over the past 15 years, researchers estimate.
30 November 2018

The top 10 most common GP visits

And the RACGP survey reveals which health trend concerns GPs the most.
20 September 2018

It looks like doctor burnout is finally being taken seriously

Regrets over medical job choices reveal a 'crisis in slow motion'.
19 September 2018

Rural GP breaks under the strain

Case highlights the hazards of high workloads
14 June 2017

Pay inequality in medicine: the conundrum continues

We still don’t know why men get paid more, say researchers
17 August 2016

Suspended GP blames heavy workload

Inappropriate opiate prescribing leads to 12 month ban
16 April 2016

Disillusioned young UK doctors head for Australia

They could ditch the NHS over new work and pay conditions
02 March 2016

GPs should list indications before ordering tests

A report suggests this could help to curtail inappropriate ordering
27 April 2015

8 reasons to boost investment in general practice

Health performance report confirms GPs well and truly have their work cut out for them
20 March 2015