Sophie Attwood

Published Articles

History: Forget CPR. Blowing smoke up the butts of drowned patients used to be the in thing

These emergency enemas were even hung at various points along the River Thames.
22 March 2019

History: He performed the first ever lithotripsy - on himself ... with a knitting needle

Romancing the stone: It took him six months to coax out the calculi.
13 March 2019

History: 5 facts from phrenology's heady heyday

Its crowning glory? Almost getting Darwin kicked off his famous voyage for not being attractive enough.
07 March 2019

History: How this man and a wayward crowbar changed the face of neuroscience forever

The curious case of Phineas Gage, who took an iron rod to the brain and lived to tell the tale.
01 March 2019

History: Why some people used to randomly burst into flames

Elderly drinkers were highly flammable in Dickens' day.
13 February 2019

History: Be thankful you've never had to play the urine wheel of fortune

Doctors used to swill patients' pee samples like a fine wine.
06 February 2019

History: Why most Nazis were high on crystal meth

With side effects including aggression, paranoia and delusions of power, suddenly WWII makes a lot more sense.
23 January 2019

Semen injections for back pain? Things did not go swimmingly

This is toxic masculinity at its most literal.
18 January 2019

History: In search of the wandering womb

Where the wild wombs are: the ancient Greeks called it 'an animal within an animal'.
16 January 2019

History: When Winston Churchill got a doctor's note for bottomless booze

Not even the Prohibition could stop this heavy drinker.
09 January 2019